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We break down and recycle all types of electronic products. Electronics that are not just full pieces of equipment we handle as well, like parts and other material. We've often dealt with mainframes, telecommunications equipment, printers, monitors, computers, routers, switches, components, fax machines, modems, circuit boards, telephones technologies, cell phones, screens, projectors, and lots of various types of plastic and metals used for electronics.

Each piece of equipment that enters our facility goes through a process of inspections and testing often times on even modules or components that are inside. Reusable components are remarketed to consumers and businesses in need and other materials are separated and smelted, refined, and eventually recycled as new products. All equipment is handled according strictly to all applicable laws and regulations.

We operate out of Dallas Texas and all products and materials will be handled in North America and through ethical international recycling partnerships. All loads can be monitored throughout each stage in the recycling process and we can offer certificates of destruction and recycling for legal and policy compliance. We'll provide open and clear knowledge for our customers about the final destinations of all of their products ensuring unethical practices are not a concern. It is incredibly important to be sure toxic electronic material is disposed of properly and not just passed along to someone else as their problem, and that's why BCD Electro is so focused on specialized methods.

Hundreds of our customers have already learned how we can provide comprehensive solutions to solve their technical challenges. We serve as a critical reverse supply chain partner for many of Dallas's businesses big and small and we love to help new clients reach environmental compliance and return requirements.

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