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Semiconductor Sales

AT BCD Electro we offer both new and used semiconductors for companies and consumers in need. We have been an unrivalled presence for high quality and available components in Dallas for decades. We know hundreds of manufacturers working in the market and can help connect customers with the exact parts they need at an affordable price. If you need products that are discontinued or unsupported, we have legacy components that can fill that need. We also have access to some of the most current generation components, and we offer quality guarantees on all of our products with money back if standards aren't met.

We can help you finish entire builds using us as your sole supplier, through our partnership you'll have cost savings and flexibility typically impossible for this type of procurement. We offer excess inventory services for electronics components from manufacturing including all semiconductors, passive and active discrete components and connectors.

The sales staff is knowledgeable and friendly and contacting them is easy via phone fax or email. We are committed to helping our customers the best way we can and quite often our fist time customers return when necessity arises again, we couldn't have been here over 30 years without them.

BCD Semiconductors sales offer:

  • New products
  • Rare, obsolete, or hard to find components
  • All lines and types of components
  • On site IC refurbishing
  • BOM fulfillment services for CEMs and OEMs
Sales Contacts:

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Rosie Amaya

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