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Discover BCD Electro

Who is BCD Electro?

We are a technology services provider who works specifically with companies who are disposing of IT equipment. Whether you're cleaning out a lost closet from decades ago, or selling the still functional PCs left over from your latest upgrade we employ environmentally conscious recycling industry processes to make our recycling methods recover more value for our clients. We're a group of professional individuals who have made it our mission to help combat the proliferation of electronic waste. We work with electronics of all types, and businesses of all sizes. We're certified with ISO 9000 and 14000 and have refined a lifecycle management program we call the BCD AdvantageSM, with a complete scope of services to solve the common disposal needs of businesses.

We reduce electronic waste through:

  • Reusing near end of life machine's components in operating systems that need replacements.
  • Remarketing components and full systems that are still in demand to generate more revenue
  • Breaking down obsolete electronics to core materials and recycling them into new products
We have our base facility located in the heart of Dallas Texas and we work with many local refiners for materials like steel and aluminum. We also work with partners in Europe and Latin America who help us ethically reuse and recycle electronics.

The best parts for our customers of the BCD AdvantageSM services are:

  • Complete control of data security and knowledge of ethical and environmentally safe recycling methods.
  • Component recovery and remarketing processes that earns more money for our clients than our competition.
  • We, track, certify and report back to you as your material moves through the process.
Our Outlook

Our staff comes in to our facility each day to work hard with the vision to become a leader in our industry. We've helped Dallas recover from electronic disposal problems before and as we move forward into the future we hope to prevent problems with innovative processes that combat electronic waste.

Our Mission

Our mission is to solve the problems of Electronic disposal and be widely recognized in the technology disposal industry as a leader for recycling solutions that businesses prefer the most.

Our Values

  • We want to create value for our customers and employees
  • We work to understand what our customers need and how we can help them better
  • We strive to maintain market leadership through innovation improvement wherever possible
  • We pursue continuous involvement with upgrading all elements of our practices
  • We seek to find new ways to improve the quality of products we give our customers
  • We run our business with strict ethics and champion principals of accountability, honesty and integrity
  • We create jobs for our community and provide services that make it stronger and healthier to live in

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