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Dallas Tech Recycling Experts
In business for North Texas Since 1979
Not many recyclers will tell you about working in electronic recycling for that entire period of time. Rapidly changing technologies make our industry a turbulent world for many newcomers with less expertise. BCDElectro has been serving communities and businesses for over 30 years and that time has given us the ability to refine our process to edge out the competition by making our services the best value for customers.



BCD Electro - Dallas Based Electronic Recycling.
For any business that uses technology, electronic recycling is a major element of the lifecycle of its IT infrastructure. When you work with BCD Electro, you'll have secure data, environmental compliance, and money back for your excess inventory, with easy scheduling and prompt pickup services.

BCD Advantage SM

Many companies find that they have excess IT infrastructure that is still relevant in today's marketplace. The BCD Advantage system gives our customers the ability to recycle, and remarket products on an individual basis giving every one of our customers the strongest return on their IT capital investments of any recycling companies in our industry.

Sometimes instead companies find that they have waited too long and their equipment is now obsolete, and we can help with recovery efforts in these cases as well with certified destruction, recovery, and inventory services.
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Technology Recycling Specialists

We offer businesses solutions to their tech recycling needs.

We understand the complex nature of IT disposal well and we bring original equipment manufacturers and businesses large and small the best value for their material. We bring years of experience to the process that lets us protect your data, while maintaining a highly environmentally ethical system that safely and easily suits your needs. We break machines down by component and connect useful materials and spare parts to companies and individuals who will reuse them. More

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